PSE 2019 dates ... November 15, 16, 22, or 23

So what is the Power Shopping Express  all about? The PSE is our annual one-day rural Christmas shopping getaway that brings women from all over Saskatchewan and elsewhere together for the ultimate “girls’ day out”.  We visit four communities (Montmartre, Kipling, Wawota, and Carlyle) where our participating businesses will be waiting to treat you like Royalty and shower you with specials, discounts, treats, and surprises.  PSE 2018 is the perfect opportunity to start / finish your Christmas shopping, to treat yourself to a "girls' day out", or perhaps it is the perfect opportunity to spend a much-needed day away with family (sisters, daughters, mothers, nieces, grandmothers), or friends, or coworkers; or perhaps it is a day to get away from family! One guest who joins us every year shared that the PSE is her day for herself... shopping and spending quality time with special friends. Whatever the reason, I guarantee PSE 2019 will be a blast and will showcase all that rural communities have to offer! 

And from one of our guests...

From Alexandra S. -- "The PSE was an all-inclusive mini-vacation! No transportation worries! As soon as you stepped on the bus, the fun began! Lunch, coffee & dessert, and supper so deliciously prepared, with minimal wait time. A great way to spend a day with your friends and to make some new friends. The day was filled with big smiles, lots of laughs, and was FULL of surprises. The businesses so well prepared for groups – draws, special incentives, and the service was unbeatable. Each store carried a unique collection of products that made shopping so much fun – treasures were found when you least expected it. This trip has inspired me to revisit some stores and has renewed my interests in exploring rural Saskatchewan. Oh, and by the way, I can't wait to board the bus again this year!

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